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Our Dűlőbistro is easily accessible by car, bicycle, and on foot, too, so pay us a visit and freshen up! Pets are also more than welcome at the bistro.

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Tokaji borkóstolónak, dűlőtúrának, céges rendezvénynek vagy esküvőnek keres különleges helyszínt? Várjuk Dűlőbisztrónkban, kérjen ajánlatot elérhetőségeink egyikén!

Opening hours

Szerda 11:00-20:00
Thursday: 11:00 am. - 8:00 pm.
Péntek  11:00-21:00
Szombat  11:00-21:00
Vasárnap  11:00-20:00


Hétfő-szerda 9:00-15:00

Visit us and freshen up, wanderer!

When heading from Sárospatak towards Sátoraljaújhely, turn left on road 37 at the sign for the Tarn of Megyer Hill. Then follow the gravel road or the paved cycle path for another kilometre. From there, you will surely be able to spot our brand-new production facility and our bistro on its top floor, offering a beautiful view on the landscape. Turning left from the gravel road you will cross a small bridge from where you will find yourselves on the road that leads straight to our parking lot. After that you are only a few steps away from getting your delicious volcanic wine, a refreshing home-made syrup, or a gourmet dish made exclusively from locally produced ingredients.

GPS-coordinates:  48.34813538343991, 21.56655210150767 





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Székhelye: 1165 Budapest, Hangulat utca 14.

Üzleti címe: 3950 Sárospatak, külterület 0785/1.

Adószám: 24394763-2-42