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DŰLŐBISTRO(Vineyard Bistro)

Without doubt, it is always best to taste wines where they are made. The embrace of our vineyards, the burbling of the river Bodrog, the chirping of thrushes and foothill breezes will make every bite more savoury, every conversation more meaningful and every sip of a wine a lasting memory. With a wonderful view on the landscape of the surrounding peaks and valleys, our Dűlőbistro is a truly magical venue. It is a perfect place for the weary traveller to take a rest, and a must-visit spot for hungry and thirsty adventurers, wine enthusiasts as well as for anybody who wishes to experience the very essence of the Tokaj-Hegyalja region. The Harsányi Winery, one of the most exquisite wine estates of the region is located in Sárospatak, in the embrace of the Megyer and Király Hills and the shadow of the beautiful Megyer Hill tarn. Our viticulture, where we combine local traditions with state-of-the-art wine-making technologies in an area stretching over 13 hectars, has been awarded a number of international awards over the recent years. Our organic and vegan wines are sought after worldwide, while our wine tasting events bring countless smiles on the faces of those who are passionate about quality and natural wines.

Pay us a visit to have a glass of wine and try our savoury foods! Come, and have a look at where we produce our wines! Taste Harsányi Winery’s entire selection of products! Or just have a cup of coffee and indulge in the beautiful view.


For us, “hand-crafted” means not only that we produce our wines organically, but also that we attend to our vineyard with great care, always bearing in mind that the quality of our wines is largely dependent on the grapes themselves. We have vineyards on four different slopes: on Király Hill, Kútpatka Hill, Megyer Hill and Ciróka Hill. It is our firm belief, that by avoiding the use of chemicals and additives, and by applying purely organic methods in the cultivation of our vineyards as well as in the treatment of the wines, the slopes – different in terms of both their location and soil structure – will become much better suited in revealing to us the diversity of Furmint, the kindness of the Muscat variety and the spiciness of Hárslevelű to the fullest. We respect the traditions of the Tokaj wine region, cherish our family heritage and we are committed to modern and quality winemaking.

We love devoting our attention to what we do but also to each other, to other people, to our environment, to our wines, to nature and to our guests.

Harsányi pincészet és dűlőbisztró